Josie Ickes

Goal Keeper * Class of 2024 * GPA: 99.5 /100

Central Penn Field Hockey Club

Red Land High School Field Hockey

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Josie Ickes, 2019

About me...

I discovered field hockey in 2015, and I have played as much as I could ever since then. The first time I played in goal I knew I LOVED it! I never went back to playing field. I hope I can play forever!

I have also figured out that I like to put myself into high pressure situations. Being a goal keeper is the perfect way to do that. However, I live in conflict. I am a team player who loves to be a part of an awesome team, but I also like to be part of the action!

I work to be a better goalie by training, repetition, conditioning, listening and learning as much as I can. It is rare for me to ever turn down an opportunity to play field hockey or take shots in a drill. I even played 8 HOURS STRAIGHT on multiple teams during an indoor tournament when the GKs of other teams couldn't play due to illness. That was a crazy day that ended in both exhaustion and exhilaration. And I got up the next morning to play again!


I would love to play field hockey in college!

I am exploring options for my academic major, which will likely be in a STEM field. I am looking for schools that offer STEM majors and also have a field hockey team of which I can be a significant part.

About YOU, Coach...

Do YOU need a passionate and accomplished goal keeper for your college team starting in 2024? Are you willing to work with me to be a major contribution to the success of your team?

If so, please take a look at the rest of my website to see if you think I could be a part of your team.